Providing Inflatable Obstacle Courses in San Antonio, TX

Whenever we hear the word ‘party’, the common thought is that it would be a time for us and our kids to have FUN. That’s it, just fun. But as parents, we should understand that every child’s mind and body are in a stage of learning that is why we should engage them in activities that will help them develop in a holistic manner. Here at Bounce 4 Vets, we have the safest and most effective answer for this. The inflatable obstacle courses that we have for San Antonio, TX and nearby areas will definitely help your children develop their cognitive (mind), psychomotor (physical), and affective (emotional and social) learning domains.

Yes, your children may look like they are just having fun while they play around the obstacle courses during parties, but there are underlying benefits that this activity entails to the different learning domains of a person:

COGNITIVE - This learning domain is concerned with how a person effectively uses his brain and mental function when learning new things and encountering new scenarios. In a typical obstacle course, there are different stages that children would need to go through chronologically in order to proceed to the next one. This will help them develop their memory and sequencing skills since they need to remember the different stages in the exact sequence that they occur. Furthermore, while on the obstacle itself, children would need to use their brains to strategize in order to complete the task with ease.

PSYCHOMOTOR - While cognitive learning is concerned with the mind and its process, psychomotor learning domain focuses on a child’s demonstration of physical skills. The first thing that a child can develop while playing in an inflatable obstacle course is his/her balance and strength. Many people, even some adults, have poor balancing skills that is why it is really important to develop these attributes in our children while they are still young.. Because of the material used in these types of obstacle courses it makes it a bit difficult for children to walk through them, during the process, children will learn how to properly distribute their body weight in order to keep standing, this helps in developing their kinesthetic sense. Moreover, children engaged in inflatable obstacle courses can develop sensory inputs or their ability to immediately transition from one movement to another, bilateral coordination or their ability to use the different parts of both sides of the body to complete a tasks, and motor skills or the use of both small and large muscles in the body to perform.

AFFECTIVE - This domain of learning pays particular attention to the child’s control over his/her emotions and social skills. In an obstacle course, your kids will be interacting with other children, sometimes they would even be working in teams in the process. In this way, your child’s ability to properly work with other people in a collaborative manner will be necessary in order to finish the obstacle. On the other hand, a child’s emotional control is also developed. How? During the duration of the course, there may be times when he/she may have a difficult time in accomplishing a task; thus hindering the child to move forward. At this point, your role as an emotional motivator for your children plays a big part. Encouraging them to continue, believe in themselves, and not give up will definitely guide the child’s attitudes, opinions, and behavior in future situations - especially in difficult scenarios.

These are just a few of the things that your child can benefit from while playing in an inflatable obstacle course during your next San Antonio, TX party. Get in touch with us now to avail of this fun and amazing rental service and more! Here at Bounce 4 Vets, we believe in the saying that a good ol’ purple dinosaur once said: We can learn while having fun!

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